Gort - more thoughts on the edge, 2023, acrylic and oil paint on linen, 65 x 81 cm.

Patrick’s paintings are, as a rule of thumb, made of oil paint on canvas. They are more often than not non-figurative, in the sense that there is no reference to the human body. Needless to say, in my view, all paintings have a strong relation to the human body whether they are figuratively referencing the human body or not.

Here, in this painting, we are even further along, we have two geometrical bodies in relation to each other and to the frame of the painting. It is painted in layers of paint thin enough that your eyes are free to move right and left unimpeded. What do two geometrical figures in this composition suggest to the observer's mind?

Yes, very often in our life we are aware of binomial situations. They seem to have their own logic. Above all in relation to a third element, here it is the entire canvas with the colorfield horizon it provides. Where the geometrical figures are, we are, how we conceive of our environment, is where our lives acquire their meanings.

© Yehuda Emmanuel Safran, 23 July 2023