Cabinet is an invitational writing project in which different writers, artists and thinkers have been invited to write a text on a specific drawing or painting. The text is completely open, the only requirement is that it responds directly or indirectly to the work that has been chosen. Initially, texts are being published here in this section of the website along with the corresponding reproductions of the paintings or drawings. At a later date all this content will be published in book form.

An artwork arises out of a solitary subjective experience in the studio. The painting is only completed when I feel it separates itself from me, leaves the studio and has its own life. This is the social aspect of art and happens when a viewer recreates a work through his or her own experience. The aim of this project is precisely this - to show through written responses, the multiple lives an artwork can have through the gaze of others. 

List of contributors:

Fiona CurranPatrick Michael Fitzgerald, John Graham, Mark JoyceEnrique Juncosa, Frank LubbersYehuda Emmanuel SafranVittorio ColaizziJuan Uslé